Summer Cotton Double Yarn Pure Cotton Summer Cool Quilt Student Dormitory Thin Quilt Core Single Summer Quilt Washable Quilt

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Healing comfort?

Let softness surround you

Class A cotton double-yarn soybean summer quilt


Lying in soft clouds

BI is irresistible

Only sleep and love can't be let down, the mountains are thousands of miles away

You are the romance in my heart.



Class A double-layer yarn fabric

Soft fit and more comfortable

Class A double-layer yarn fabric weaving, let sleep return to nature

Enjoy high-quality sleep


Selection of high-quality cotton double-layer yarn

Pure and non-irritating, soft and pampering skin

Wrapped tightly in the embrace of cotton, breathing every wisp of nature absorbed by the cotton

The smell of sunshine is soft, soft and comfortable



Soy Fiber Nourishes Skin

Scientific proportion filling

Soybean fiber is a regenerated vegetable protein fiber, with a cashmere-like soft feel



Product name::A class cotton double yarn soybean summer quilt

Commodity fabric: cotton double-layer yarn

Fill: 20% soy fiber/80% polyester fiber

Product Details: Summer Quilt*1